Kohrs, Lewis: I'll Bet You Can't
A Choice Collection of Easy Challenge Tricks
©1946 Lewis Kohrs Company, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 66 pages
I'll Bet You Can't
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Lewis Kohrs: I'll Bet You Can't

Comments: Cover Design and Figure Drawings by Watson B. Frontin. This is a book of "betcha's" or bar bets.


2 Introduction (Lloyd E. Jones)
5 Here They Are
6 The Show How - Tips for Tricksters

7 I Can You Do This - Or That?
7 Fire-Eating Fingers: fingers don't burn in a flaming match
8 The Frown-Maker: make a match fall off a coin (without blowing or shaking)
9 Tear It Till the Tears Come: paper tear challenge
10 Fun with Eight Matches: puzzle
11 The Matchless Challenge: with a match box
12 The Human Pretzel: Tie a know in a handkerchief
13 Double Balancing Act: balance two coins on a glass
14 Now Get Them Off Again: the reverse process
15 Cut But Still Hanging: cut a string but don't let cup fall
16 Ring On, Ring Off: finger ring and string

17 II Who Pays for the Check?
17 Ten Men, Ten Girls, Nine Phone Booths: puzzle
18 The Magic Nines: predict a math result
19 Dime and Penny Mind Reading: calculation finds the coin
20 A Friendly Match: heads or tails with a match always wins
21 Smoking Cigarette at Both Ends: stunt
22 Putting On the Heat: without burning the handkerchief
23 Wet or Dry: Restoring an upside down water glass without spilling a drop
24 The Leaning Glass of Water
24 All Wet or All Dry: the old tablecloth trick
25 Catch the Loop: Loopy Loop or On the Barrelhead trick
26 Do As I Did: with loop of string

27 III Ten Trick Mixers
27 Think of a Man - Better a Woman: pendulum sex detector
28 Her Personal History: finding a family tree through match
29 Finding Out Her Secrets: determing age through math
30 Wise-Guy Meets His Match: break a match
31 How Strong Are Your Fists: strength test
32 Doorway Through a Cards: Step through an index card
33 The Card That Won't: try to blow over a card
34 The Little Woman of Iron: Another strength test
35 A Good Party Tie-Up: a simple rope escape for two people
36 Link the Loop: with a rope and handkerchief

37 IV Do As I Do - If You Can!
37 The Crazy Caterpillar: finger stunt
38 Thumbs Up! Thumbs Down! Hand and pencil stunt
39 You Do As I Do - To Win, That Is: penny turnover challenge
40 A Neat Stack of Pennies: clever penny stack
41 Chance to Pick Up Some Pennies: puzzle
42 The Monte Carlo Match Race: game where magician always wins
43 The One Two Three Match Race: another one
44 A Match Race - Or a Rat Race? Another
45 The 100 Point Race: a counting race with numbers
46 Foul Play, Fair Dice: racing game with dice

47 V. Deal As I Deal
47 Every Other One: cards deal in numerical order
48 A Speller Outer: each card is spelled
49 Queens On His Mind: Three Queens in two deals
50 The Siamese Triplets: Queens re-assemble in the deck
51 The Next Card Will Be Yours!: spectator thinks magician will fail
52 The Cards Jump: to the top of the deck
53 You Deal As I Deal: spectator can't match your deal
54 You Count as I Tap - And We'll Meet on Your Card!: Revelation
55 Eyes In Your Fingers: Magician determines which of three cards was chosen
56 Card Sharp in Our Midst: Royal Flush deal

57 VI Surprise Endings!
57 The Almighty Dollar: dollar breaks pencil
58 Clever Control: toss off only the selected penny
59 Heads or Tails?: or neither
60 On the Count of Twelve: one coin vanishes
60 The Blind Date!: determine date of coin under paper
61 The Cannot Knot: with silk
62 Knot in a Flash: with silk
63 The Fifty-Fifty Light: one match split into two
64 The Race Jumps Out of Bounds: a flying match
65 One Match Lifts Twelve: puzzle

66 To Those Who Made the Book Better: dedication
66 To the Reader and His Victims: suggestions wanted