Klutz Press: Coin Magic
©1997 Klutz®, CA
Card-stock, spiral bound, 60 pages
ISBN: 1-57054-081-0
Coin Magic
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Comments: By the Editors of Klutz, John Cassidy, Darrell Lorentzen, and B.C. Rimbeaux. "24 Coin Tricks We should Never Have Given Away". Comes with a 2-headed quarter and a piece of Dental Dam.


3 Stop! Read This Page!: The Magician's Oath
5 How to Palm a Coin Three Ways
5 - The Finger Palm
6 - Two Finger Clip: with the Shuttle Pass
8 - The Classic Palm
11 The Vanishing Pants: coin through pant leg
14 Toxic Boxers and the Vanishing Coin: coin vanishes under boxer shorts
18 Raw Brainpower: magician knows if a head or a tail is covered by the spectator
21 Coin Snatching: an elbow stunt
22 The Retention Pass: sleight
25 The Low Point of This Book: fake coin swallow
26 The Unloseable Coin Toss: NOT using the two headed coin
28 The Easiest Trick In This Book: The Amazing Sneezer coin
32 Tornado Coin Flip: a coin stunt
33 Quarter + Nickle Half Gainer: another stunt
35 The Pulverized Penny: bending a penny
38 Basic Coin Puzzle: a puzzle
40 Caps and Quarters Scam: three shell game with bottle caps and a quarter
45 Which Hand?: spectators never pick the hand with the coin
49 The Best Coin Trick You've Ever Seen: coin penetrates a piece of rubber
55 The Two-Headed Quarter Trick: with a regular coin, and an idea for using your special coin
60 Credits