Klamm, R.W.: Rig Up the Ropes
1980 B.C. Klamm, Klamm The Magic Man, MO
30pg stapled
Klamm: Rig Up the Ropes

Comments [DA]: This is a decent coverage of some gimmicked rope tricks. The lack of illustrations makes some of the effects a little more difficult to understand.


1 Why Use Sponge-Core Rope? advantages of the rope and answers to objections
4 Finishing Ends: various end finishes described such as the Knotted End, The Shoestring End, Binding, Flush End, Hollow End
7 Stripping Out the Sponge Core: how to do it
9 Making the Sleeve-Threader: making a tool to thread another object through a hollow rope sleeve
11 Mounting Magnets and Rope Gimmicks: how to do it
12 Splicing
13 Four Ended Rope Routine (Geoffrey Buckingham): a rope is looped through the hands and a third, then a fourth end appears. The rope ends up with only two ends.
17 Color Changing Rope: the principle, the manufacture, and the performance
21 Tri-Color Nightmare: a brief version of the Professor's Nightmare with a color change
23 Rainbow Ropes (Standard Version): Three different colored ropes are shown tied together. They are untied at one end, making a chain of three. They are rolled around the hand and unrolled, and the knots have disappeared.
25 Scotchman's Choice Cut and Restored Rope: a rope is cut with invisible scissors, but the cut ends are shown. The cut ends are tied, then the knot is slid to the end where it is untied, leaving a long and a short rope.
27 Tri-Color Linking Ropes: Spectator ties three different colored ropes into loops. The ropes are linked and unlinked by the magician. Manufacture and performance are described