Kirkendall, George: Magic You Like to See
©1975 George Kirkendall, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 18 pages
Magic You Like to
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1 About George Kirkendall (John Snider): machinist of coin magic
2 Cut and Restored Ribbon: using special TT
3 Perpetual Cigarettes: move for effect from Greater magic
4 Care of Your Equipment: hints and tips
6 Reel Magic: an improved knot tie
9 Kriss Kross Striped Silk or Flying Bars: another use for your reel
10 Impromptu Mind Reading: triple readings with coins
11 The Lap in Close Up Magic: hints and tips
12 Rip-O: coin is ripped from napkins, and napkin is restored
14 Kirk's Progressive Coin Production: for up to 7 coins
15 Mulholland Coin Box: routine for this commercial Okito Box
16 Kirk's Calling Card: business card presentation
17 I Knew: another business card quickie