King, Mac: Mac King's Campfire Magic
©2010 Mac King and Bill King
Published by Black Dog and Leventhal Publisher, Inc., NY
Softcover, perfect bound, 176 pages
ISBN: 9781579128296
Mac King's Campfire
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King, Mac: Mac King's Campfire Magic

Comment: "50 Amazing Easy to Learn Trick and Mind Blowing Stunts". Targeted at the beginning magic student, some of these are quite good.


5 Forword (Penn & Teller)
7 Introduction

10 Magic Rules!

12 Rope Tricks
14 Knot So Fast: a knot appears instantly in a rope
16 Knot As Fast: tying a rapid know with one hand
18 Knot So Simple: a challenge
20 How to Cut Your Scoutmaster In Half: ropes penetrate the body
24 Psychic Lariat: a number of knots appear in a rope to match a die throw

30 The Great Outdoors
32 Get a Life: a small plant is grown instantly
34 Plant Manager: a stick grows leaves in a neckerchief
36 The Stick Sticks: a stick sticks to the hand
38 Burn Baby Burn: an apparent fingertip burn

40 Card Tricks
42 A Simple (But Deceptive) Force (With Applications-O-Plenty)
44 Predict-o-Matic
48 Karate Card: deck is karate chopped twice to split a card that matches the selection
51 Seven and Three Quarters: selection is found 7 and 3/4 down the deck
54 This I Cannot Fail to Do: a card trick apparently goes wrong

60 Magic of the Mind
62 Extra Sensory Deception: billet matching
66 Dead or Alive: finding the billet with the "dead" person
68 No Joke: gag
70 Telepathy for Two: comedy mind reading act
73 Feet of Fortune: a gag

76 Gear Up
78 (Un)True North: compass goes crazy
82 Water on the Brain: cup of water poured into inverted cap, all remains dry
86 Cap-Cake: baking a cup-cake in a hat
92 Baffling Bandage: bandaid jumps from one finger to another
94 Holey Shirt!: pencil penetrates a T-shirt without making a hole
100 Baffling Bolo: gag where bolo tie grows longer
103 Bound for Glory: escape with handkerchief and rope
105 Bandana Split: Two Bandana are tied together but untie in a hat

108 Body Parts
110 I Have 11 Fingers! (Three Excellent Methods)
113 You Can't Do What I Do: finger twist
115 You Still Can't Do What I Do: another
117 Hocus Poke-Us: gag
118 Mind Rewind: body control

120 Coin Tricks
122 Through and Through: coin thru handkerchief
124 Follow the Money: magician predicts who ends up with the coin
128 Money for Nothin': penny produced from a bill leaves a hole
131 Porous Palm: one penny of several penetrates the fist

136 The Buddy System
138 The Last Person You'd Expect: a coin vanishes from the palm
140 Cut the Cards: a gag
142 Black Magic: a simple two person code
144 Phoney Wizard: telephone mind reading

148 It's Not Really Magic, But...
150 Rock Star: puzzle
151 Mystery Matches (Six Flaming Great Ones): match puzzles
154 Recycled Paper: making a paper tree
156 Up the Ladder: and a paper ladder

158 Routine Magic
160 A Comedy Magic Act: a full torn and restored card trick with missing corner

172 The Next Steps

174 Who's Who at Mac King's Magic in a Minute

176 Acknowledgements