King, Bob: Shell Game Plus The Real Work
Bob King's Close Up Tutorial 5
©1998 Bob King
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11" 7 pages
Shell Game Plus
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Bob King: Shell Game Plus the Real Work

Comments: tongue in cheek patter on how not to be cheated. Routine originally came with a set of Vernet shells.
Uses a standard shell set plus a glass just large enough to fit over two nested shells.
Part of Bob's close up series. The others are: 1 - Cards to Pocket Plus; 2 - Flight Four; 3-Cig to Bill; 4-Tele-Color Kit.


1 Introduction and Set Up: three shell set and a small glass that can fit over two nested shells
2 Routine
2 Stage I
2 Stage II
3 Stage III
3 Stage IV
4 Stage V
5 Stage VI
6 Stage VII
6 Stage VIII