King, Bob: Private Notes
The Previously Unpublished Magic of Bob King
©1999 Bob King
Softcover, stapled, 5.5x8.5", 27 pages
Private Notes
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Bob King: Private Notes



3 Introduction
4 Card in Orange: a somewhat Bizarre approach using the Paul Harris Vanishing Deck gimmick (though not necessary)
6 No Vacancy: card trick in where five hotel rooms are assigned to six salesmen
7 Magnetic Miller: modifying the Jack Miller holdout
8 - Coins Across: with one to four magnetic coins
9 - Silk to Egg: using a small magnet along with the usual
11 - Linking Harness Rings: a quick linking harness ring
12 - Cut & Restored Again: getting rid of the extra rope piece
14 - Holding Out the Holdout: tip
14 Piano Concerto: a variation of the Piano Trick packet effect
16 Coins Through Table: a clean routine utilizing a shell
18 Three Ball Production: for three small balls, based on Ed Marlo ideas
19 Silver/Brass Transpo: Uses a 1/2 dollar sized Chinese coin, shell, and two quarters
20 Delayed Dice Switch: One at a time dice switch demonstration (sleeving)
24 Repeat Triumph: Bob's version of the Triumph card trick