King, Bob: Opening Night Magic
©1995 Bob King Magic, NY
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 42 pages
Opening Night Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller CoronaSmith

Comments: Photography by Jay McDonald


3 Introduction
4 Paralocks: variation of Seven Keys to Balpate
6 Dazzle Aces: quick Ace production
8 Subway: Gambler demonstration with cards
10 Radeckal Change: color changing deck
13 Foreign Exchange: Copper/Silver coin routine
17 Auto-Flight: coins across with a shell
23 Open-Faced Revelation: version of Jenning's Revelation (cards)
25 Repeat Triumph: Bob's version of Triumph (cards)
29 Lightning: color changing knife routine for a single knife
31 LTP Aces: using the Lateral Thumb Palm
34 Matrix Minus Two: follow up to a coin matrix effect
39 Direct Mental: card mentalism