King, Bob: Classic Stand Up Close Up
©1991 Bob King, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
Classic Stand Up
              Close Up
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Bob King: Classic Stand Up Close Up

Comments: "A collection of brilliant magical routines, which may be performed seated or standing"


i Introduction
1 On Again Off Again: Ring & Rope routine, no extras. Ring may be borrowed.
6 Dice Routine: a four dice routine with a cup, jumbo die, etc.
10 Portable Holdout: based on John Cornelius Pendulum Holdout
11 Egg On My Face: Bob's version of Kling Klang egg routine
13 Bold Faced Balpate: version uses the holdout and no gimmicked locks
14 Penrose Knot Routine: old puzzle turned into a Bank Nite type effect
16 Sponge Ball Opener: with sponge balls and squeakers
17 Way Ahead Coins to Glass: using a shim half and four regular half dollars
19 Repeat Coin to Bottle: with folding quarter and Perrier bottle
20 Triple Threat: ESP using a dictionary
23 Making Waves: based on Elmsley's Brownwaves 1 card effect
24 Split Thought: mathematical card trick