Kimlat, Kostya: Magic: Experiments with the Art & Thoughts on the Artistry
©2003 by Kostya Kimlat
Soft Cover, 52 pgs

Comments: (Jake Austin) If you want to get off the beaten path and fool magicians and layman alike, Kostya Kimlat is your man. He offers effects requiring thinking as well as visual stunners. Highly recommended for those who’ve been in magic a while. Not recommend for beginners.

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

01 Experiments with Cards
02 Cull-igula: The Hardcore Triumph: A Triumph with a catch--the spectator shuffles the cards.
03 Under the Table and Dreaming: Magician fooler. Two cards selected under a table are revealed.
04 Tri-Delt Tequila Thriller: Triple card production for sorority girls.
05 Catch-##: Code breaking with cards, with a surprise code at the end.
06 All Together Now:

07 Techniques with Cards
08 The Roadrunner Cull: A fast cull.
09 The Angle-Cull Separation
10 The K.F.C. Move: The Kostya Force & Control
11 The Spring Forward Production: Four card production.
12 The Fall Back Color Change

13 Experiments Without Cards
14 License to Steal, to Amaze, to Refrigerator: I don’t want to give any clues on this one.
15 Back Into the Nest: At trick with….peanuts?
16 The Etch Prediction and Sketch Production: Etch-A-Sketch prediction effect with a surprise production.

17 Theatrical Experiments with Cards:
18 Driving, Flying, Waking, Dreaming
19 So Much Depends: a card trick about belief

20 Experiments with Thought: The following are short essays an how Kostya views magic.
21 Magic, itself:
22 A Retelling of an Old Myth
23 Overheard Conversation
24 Flourishing Away: Combining Skill with Style
25 A Ph.D. in Magic
26 The Perfect Combination Revisited