Kimlat, Kostya: Lecture Collection
©2006 Kostya Kimlat; Fourth Printing
Comb-binding; Pages: 45
Lecture Collection
Image from H&R Magic Books

Comments: [Andrew Loh]

Contents: (note: numbers are not page numbers)

01 Notes before Notes
02 Orlando Opener

03 Magic with Cards
04 Just Jokering
05 Four the Easy Way
06 Your Signed Kung Pao Chicken
07 Marriage a la Mode

08 Flourishing Away
09 Single-Double Thought
10 Burger King Card Trick

11 A Ph.D. in Magic
12 Back into the Nest
13 Catch-##

14 Magic, itself
15 License to Steal, to Amaze, to...
16 Culligula: the Hardcore Triumph
17 The Roadrunner Cull

18 Perfect Combination, Re:
19 Schulien: Reloaded
20 Pandora's Card Box