Keable, Ian & Rebecca Heddle: Usborne Book of Magic Tricks
©1992 E.D.C. Publishing
Paper, 64 pages
ISBN-13: 9780746006535
Usborne Book of Magic Tricks

Comments: A well regarded children's book of magic. It was later released with some magic props in a "kit" form. Edited by Christopher Rawson, Designed by Susie McCaffrey. Illustrated by Paul Sullivan, Kim Blundell, and Ian Thompson. Cover illustrated by Martin Newton.


2 Tricks for Everyone
4 Magic Skills
6 Quick Tricks
8 Even Quicker Tricks
9 Roll the Dice
10 Money Magic
12 Self-Working Card Tricks
14 Fun with Food
16 Magic with Matches
18 Card Discoveries
20 Paper Tricks
22 Clever Coins
24 Tricks with Handkerchiefs
26 Gambler's Tricks
28 Paper and Pencil Fun
30 Coin Juggling
32 Elastic Band Tricks
34 Magical Numbers
36 More Fun With Food
38 More Paper Tricks
40 Coins on the Move
42 Tricks with Glasses
44 Conjuring with Cutlery
46 The Glide
48 Mentalism
50 More Paper and Pencil Fun
52 Find the Coin
54 Card Flourishes
56 Rope Tricks
58 Jumping Coins
60 Card Sleights
62 Magic Information
64 Index