Kaye, David: Seriously Silly
©2005 David Kaye, Pub. by Kaufman & Company
Hardcover, 8.5x11", 163 pages
Seriously Silly
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Comments: David Kaye performs as "Silly Billy". Seriously Silly provides a complete guide to performing for children.

Contents (updated May 2017):

ii Preface
ii Introduction: Learning to Fish

13 Part One: First Things First
15 Proud to be a Kid Show Magician
17 Client 1347: The Sultan of Brunel
19 Origins of Performing Magic for Children
22 Client 529: Susan Sarandon

25 Part Two: The Psychology of Performing Magic for Children
27 Learning Real Magic Words
28 What is Magic to a Child?
31 Your First Steps: 10 steps to understanding children's magic
36 Different Shows for Different Ages
40 Three Routines for the Same Effect: Examples of the Differences
40 - Vanishing a Silk for 3 to 6 Year-Olds
42 - Vanishing a Silk for 7 to 9 Year-Olds
44 - Vanishing a Silk for 10 to 13 Year-Olds
46 How to Maximize a Child Volunteer
49 Client 4421: David Letterman

51 Part Three: How to Routine Magical Effects for Children
53 It's Not the Destination, It's the Ride
57 You're So Silly!: Adding Comedy Elements to Your Routines
63 - The Bread Trick
67 It's Behind You!: Adding interaction and involvement Elements to Your Routines
70 - Crystal Silk Tube
74 Mommy, I Did Magic!: Adding empowering elements to your routines
77 - Presidential Mis-Made Flag
81 Once Upon a Time: Adding Storytelling Elements to Your Routines
86 - Vanishing Coke Baba
90 Honey, How Did You Do That?: Extra Credit - Entertaining the Adults in your Audience
93 - Milk Pitcher Plus
97 Whatever You Do, Don't Read this Chapter: Adding Ad-lib techniques to your routines
105 - The World's Best Coloring Book Routine
110 Teach Them First, Then They Know
112 Incorporating These Principles Into Your Routines
113- Crystal Silk Tube
114 - Ambitious Card Routine
115 - Chart of All Techniques to Add to Your Routines
116 - Client 3719 Bruce Springsteen

119 Part Four: Solving the Problems of Performing for Children
121 The Silly Billy Distraction Progression Theory
123 "I Know That One" Doesn't Mean That
125 Five Steps to Solving any Performing Problem
129 Solving the Top 10 Problems of Performing for Children
146 Client 55108: Madonna

149 Part Five: Time for Cake - Concluding Thoughts
151 Putting It All Together
154 Where the Heck is That Darn Line?
156 Chasing Pigeons - The Importance of Power in a Child's Life
158 Bideford, We Have a Problem
159 Concluding Thoughts

160 Appendix
160 I. Development of a Child
161 II. Dictionary
162 III. Tricks You Already Own That You Can Do For Children