Kaufman, Richard: Secrets Draun from Underground
©1993 Kaufman & Greenberg
Illustrations By Earle Oakes
Hardback, 151 pages

Secrets Draun from Underground

Comments (Andrew Loh): Magic of Steve Draun


09 Foreword: by David Solomon
10 Introduction: by Steve Draun. Magicians who have influenced Steve; Steve's approach to Card Magic

13 Part One: Tools:
14 Double Lifts and Turnovers
14 Stud Two-Card Pushoff Lift: Double Lift and Turnover, based on Brother John Hamman technique
17 Revolve Lift: a more "flourishy" approach
20 A Heavenly Turnover: with a "guilt-free light-as-air" quality
22 Tabled Shuffles, Cuts, and Shifts
22 Tabled Breakless Double Undercuts: top to bottom and bottom to top
25 Tabled Multiple Shift: straightforward and deceptive
28 Push-Through Shuffle and Triple Cut: uses same technique as above
31 Glimpses
31 The Fan Glimpse: variation on the Gambler's Glimpse from Expert Card Technique
34 The Flex Glimpse: an invisible glimpse
37 Passes
37 The Midnight Shift: version of the Herrmann Pass
40 The Midnight Eclipse: by David Solomon
42 The Malone Shift: Bill Malone
44 The Flutter Pass: method for completing the Herrmann Pass
46 Palms
46 The Depth Illusion Palm: palming while apparently inserting into the middle of the deck
49 The Push and Take Top Palm: performed "on the go"
51 The Take Top Palm: a quicker version
53 Swing Cut Action Palm: Combines Swing Cut and Gambler's Cop
54 Rear Palm Misdirection Palm: variation of Marlo's Misdirection Palm
57 Miscellany
57 The New Thumb Slide: a modern version of this 100 year old card control
59 Spooky Revelation: a single card reveal in which the card eerily rises
61 The Combination Bottom Deal: a bottom deal
64 The Mercurial Change: a clever card switch
67 The Starfish Change: card color change

71 Part Two: Tricks
71 The Wages of Sin
72 The W.E.B. Shuffle:  A cull and shuffle routine to produce a full house
76 A Slick Trick: another gambling demonstration
81 Ten Hands Toot Sweet: a stacked hand in a ten handed deal
84 Quintiple Duke: pseudo gambling demonstration
89 Punchless: A punchless Punch Deal
93 Ace Me
93 Bluff Ace Assembly: variation of Marlo's Bluff Ace Assembly
98 Luck of the Draun: Four of a Kind produced from a borrowed deck (90% Aces)
103 Most Convincing Topsy-Turvy Aces: variation of Marlo's Topsy-Turvy Aces
110 Pocket Problems
110 Midnight Ambitious Card: with no double lift
117 The Rubber Band Card: Triple repeat card to pocket
122 Nouveau Travelers: Steve's handling of Dai Vernon's Travelers
128 Miscellany
128 Twenty-One Again: blending of two Twenty-One Card Tricks
133 Worldly Things: Version of Paul Curry's Out of this World improved with sleights
137 The Truly Fantastic Move: a humorous card trick
140 Steve's Marbles: a three ball trick with glass marbles and production finish
145 Three Cups and Three Balls: Uses any three cups (never nested) and three balls, with a three load finish.