Kardyro, Tony: Magical Highway
1987 Abbott Magic Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 216 pages
Kardyro: Magical
Image Courtesy GranHoudini.net



1 The Early Days
2 The Stubborn Ace
3 What Makes a Magician?
6 Baseball and the Army
7 Three and a Half Coin Gag, Cards and Coins Manipulation Supreme
8 Production-Vanish-Reproduction
9 A Coin Vanish, a Coin Appearance - Four methods
10 Cards Coins and the Mexican Turnover, Two Card Turnover, another Turnover Move, Pickup After the Turnover, the Right Hand Pickup
11 Hand Rise Steal of a Coin, Lapping the Coin, Card and Coin Sequence
12 Fork Grip Removal, a word about Copying
13 A trip to a magic shop
14 Gamplling with cards, Houdini and Hardeen
15 Repeat Cards up the Sleeve
17 Let's talk about promotion
20 Cardini and my first professional name! Card sharpers
25 Kard King Kardyro, Burnt and Restored Tissue
26 Phantom Cigarette
27 Blowing Smoke, Cigarette and Holder Routine Supreme
28 A Variation, An Early Cigarette routine
30 Straight Magic Verses Comedy Magic, Army Discharge and Wedding Bells?
31 Amateur Contests, the Master Mysteries and The Trix Pack
32 "The Expert at the Card Table", Louis Zingone and "Attention Suckers!"
33 Hank Glass and Coins
35 Copper and Silver Pentro Exchange, Pent-Thru Coin Supreme
36 Hank Pentro Supreme
40 Still Another Pentro Move
41 Vanish Supreme Move, Silver-Copper Pentro Selection
43 Are you successful in magic?
44 Blackstone and the Amateur Contest
45 Tips on Tipping
46 Kardyro's Egg Routine
47 The Torino/Kardyro Dove or Chick Steal, Dove and Silk Steals
48 A Dove Opener
49 A Dove Vanish, Soft Soap Dove Vanish
50 Invisible Knot to Dove, Vanishing Knot to Dove
51 Coloring Your Doves, Flash Cane to Dove
52 A Change of Pace
53 Close Up Magic - My First Love
55 Herman Hanson, Cardini and more
56 My Magic Table (One of Many)
57 The Master Coin
59 Exchange Supreme
61 Second and Third Endings, Gone South
62 Pentro Silver Supreme
63 Another Finish, Stuck-Up Quarter
65 Variation Ending, Your good points and bad points
67 Penny Magic
68 The Homing Ring
69 What is close-up magic?
71 Leaders in their field, The first successes
72 The Cincinnati convention, The Federal Theatre Project, The Pittsburg convention, Cardini and Slyter
73 Crazy ideas and crazy incidents
73 My Federal Theatre Project Routine
74 An Early Publicity Piece
75 Glass From Silk
76 Children's Show Routine
78 Cecil Banana Bag Routine
80 Straight Magic versus Comedy magic (again) and High-priced books. The 1940 conventions and The Great Lester
81 Sardines for breakfast and color-blind drivers!
82 "Greater Magic" the easy way!
83 T.K.'s Cig-O-Bill
86 T.K.'s Stage Cig-O-Bill
87 The K/B Move and the T.K. Delay Move
89 The Nixon Dove Vanish
91 Gambling versus show business
92 Follow the Red, Acceptance as a magician
93 Leon and Eddie's
95 Supreme Copper and Silver
97 Wally Dean
98 Ralph Shugar and Jay Marshall
100 Don't Hire a magician!
101 When It Rains-It Pours!
102 Wetterette Variation
103 Kardyro? Rosini? Torino?
104 The Half Dollar Routine
105 Agents, agencies and the tough joints
106 The Orange Trick!
113 High-priced magic books
114 Magical Dust
115 A jar of olives!
116 Crossing the "bar" in Florida
117 Doves, doves, and more doves!
119 The Blood Hounds, Blood Hounds Supreme
121 Gamblers Club Test
123 Kardyro and Kid Shows
124 The Backstage Milk Vanish
126 T.K.'s Trans-Coin
127 Melva Bolden
128 The Drink Act, The Pearl Trick
130 Misdirection and Working With an Assistant
131 Showmanship, Simplicity and Skill
133 Rabbits!
134 Birds!
136 Supreme Prediction
137 Mind Reading Comedy Routine Supreme
139 Undercover Mindreading Supreme
141 Flew the Coop
142 A Cardman's Dream!
144 Four Bits
145 More dove ideas
146 Magic conventions
147 Fox Jackson
148 "Big" guys and "Little" guys
149 Tips for convention planners
151 Miracle Trip
153 Bookings and Publicity
154 The Card-Picking Bird
156 James Grigsby and John Snyder
157 Comparing audiences
158 Your backstage attitude
159 T.K.s Coins Thru The Table Top to Under the Table
161 First and Second Variations, T.K.'s Slap Drop Move, T.K.'s Bounce Lap Coin Move, T.K.'s Down Under
163 Traveling experiences
164 Rhythm and life
165 T.K.'s Stand up Quarter and Half Transposition
166 Invisible Coin Transfer, Coins Supreme
168 Friends, friends, and more friends
170 How your audience pictures a magician
172 Penny-Tration Supreme
173 A Marked Penny
174 Joe Karson and the Zombie
175 Tips, suggestions and thoughts
177 The Flip Over Ace Cut Location
178 Master Location
179 The Early Boston Magic Scene
180 Cantu
181 Rip-off artists
182 Me and My Typewriter, Mentally Select an Ace
184 Chicago, Jay Marshall, and Hoyle Playing Cards
186 James Kater Thompson
187 Ice shows and ocean cruises, Enter Tony London
190 The stages of magic - Onstage and backstage
102 The Mindreading Canary
193 More on gambling
194 My list of lists
199 Gambling to Win
200 Elevator Aces
201 Punch Ending Supreme
202 Gambling history
204 A pot-pourri of ideas, suggestions and tips
206 My repertoire - the "breadwinners"
208 T.K.'s Signed Card to Opposite Color Deck
209 Penny Paddle #1
210 Penny Paddle #2
212 Progressive Paddle
213 The Old Crowd and the New School
215 The Lecture Field and Closing Comments