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Kardyro, Tony: Kardyro's Kolossal Kompendium of Klever and Kommercial Klose-Up
The "K" Book of Magic
©1981 by Abbott Magic Co
Paper, stapled, 8.5x11", 47 pages
Kardyro's Kolossal Kompendium of Klever and Kommercial Klose-Up
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Comments: B&W photos throughout


1 Kardyo On Klose-Up: working clubs and Kardyo's advice
3 Close Up Quickies: approaching tables, the flash bill, Squash, Double Handed Riffle Shuffle
4 Getting Tips: some ideas for prompting your audience
5 Items At the Close Up Table: tips on using items commonly found
5 T.K.'s Brain Dazzler Supreme: deck is mixed face up and face down, but instantly rights itself. Explains T.K.'s Flip Move
6 Ambitious Card: a 3 card packet version of the ambitious card with T.K.'s Count Move explained
6 Mentally Select One Card, Please: The Ace keep reappearing while trying to select one of a small packet of cards
8 T.K.'s Magapaddle: routine for this commercial penny and paddle effect
9 T.K.'s Copper & Silver Routine Supreme: uses magnetic copper & silver coin set, regular copper and silver coins, shell, and handkerchief.
11 T.K.'s Three Shell Game Supreme: uses three walnut shells and three sponge peas.
12 The Punch Ending Supreme: an ending for the Three Shell Game using two large sponge balls
13 Kardyro's Klose-Up Konjuring Rules: 17 rules such as, "Speak well of everyone or keep your big trap shut"
13 Close Up Views: tips and advice for the table-hopper
14 T.K.'s Reverso-Nap Routine: torn and restored napkin in reverse. The spectator opens a napkin he thinks is whole to find it torn.
15 I'll Do It Again: another torn napkin routine with ball through the table
16 Deception With Sponges: a large and small sponge ball transpose, then vanish, than change color, then split into many tiny sponges
17 T.K.'s Magic Dust: Another sponge ball routine. Dust multiplies into a sponge ball and eventually turns into an "eye"
18 T.K.'s Hot Weather Handy Supreme: A use for Glue Sticks and application to a clever card trick
19 T.K.'s Ball & Tube Routine: an application for the Steel Ball and Tube trick, uses an extra steel ball that won't fit into either tube. With alternate ending.
19 T.K.'s Ball & Tubes Routine: another Steel Ball and Tube trick. Also uses the larger steel ball.
20 Dollar Bill Routine: a bill is ripped in half and the pieces rolled into balls. One half penetrates the table to join the other. On the repeat, the bill is restored
20 Dovetail Speller Supreme: a card spelling routine
21 T.K.'s Coin Box Routine Supreme: an Okito coin box routine using an English Penny, Half Dollar, and a C/S coin
22 A Magician's Test: an approach to the Pea Can
22 Selected Card and Its Mates: a card is selected and the magician finds the selection and its mates
23 T.K.'s One More Time: a coin routine using a home-made "hold-out" coin
23 Flip Snap; Table Flip Snap; Single Card Flip Snap: 5 card deck moves to snap out a selected card
24 Jump Up Flourish Count: cards flip toward the spectators as they are counted
24 Color Change Supreme: a card change to break the ice
24 Second Method Change: a card color change
25 Two Bits and a Half: coins across with two halves and one quarter
25 I've Got a Secret: the magician's card helps him find the selection
26 Let's Stop Pretending: a card effect utilizing a reversed card
27 Penny & Dime Pentro Supreme: a penny turns into a dime when covered with a matchbox, the penny is found over the selection
27 Screwy Cards: a four card packet trick; all appear to be double backed except for one selected, which is found to have 15 spots!
28 My Magic Cards: a four card packet trick. Four blank cards are shown, one develops a face that matches the number of cards in another packet. Two methods shown.
29 A Mental Effect for the Card Man: magician and spectator each write the same thing on business cards
29 The Probable Winner: a center tear with a horse racing theme
30 T.K.'s Cups & Coins Routine: four coins to cup routine
31 T.K.'s Coin Clip Move: a false transfer for the above routine
31 Phone-Nomenal: a telephone mystery
31 The Invisible Trap: a Chink-A-Chink routine with gimmicked matches
33 T.K.'s Pentro Hank Move: coin through the handkerchief
33 T.K.'s Pentro Vanish Supreme: a coin through handkerchief with vanish
34 T.K.'s Pentro Exchange Supreme: spectator names the coin of two that should penetrate
34 T.K.'s Pentro Move Supreme: an improvement on the above, with variation
35 T.K.'s Pentro Coins Deception: 5 coins penetrate a handkerchief
35 You Buy the Drinks: a card gag
36 T.K.'s Chinatown Coin Routine: another coins through the handkerchief using the Chinatown Half
36 Chinese Coin on Rod: using the Chinatown Half
37 Take a Peek: getting a glimpse, with another method described
37 Behind My Back: a clever card trick utilizing a unique idea for a waist high table
38 T.K.'s Coins Thru Table: using 5 halves; two methods described
39 T.K.'s German Box Routine: a German Okito Box routine
41 Follow the Leader Supreme: a commercial card routine of "follow the leader"
42 T.K.'s Mini Cups & Balls Routine: uses two small Chop Cups and two balls of different colors
44 Gags and Such: 7 ideas
44 A Thought or Two: 24 tips and bits of advice
45 How to Practice: tips
45 Are We Sheep?: On being unique
46 Three Heads and One Tail: Three Quarter and One half penetrate the table one at a time into a glass
46 Money to Burn: a "sponge ball" type routine starts with two borrowed, balled dollar bills, then the bills go up in flame before being restored.