Kardyro, Tony (Senor Torino): Dovetail Deceptions
©1955 Senor Torino
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 26 pages
Dovetail Deceptions
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Tony Kardyro (Senor Torino): Dovetail Deceptions


Contents (source - book ToC):

5 Dovetail Deceptions
8 Senor Torino and Faye
9 Getting Set For Show Time
12 Necessary Props
15 Show Time
15 Cane To Dove
16 Vanishing Dove
16 Silk and Flower
16 Torino's Cigarette Routine
19 Cigarette To Dove
19 Pearls and Dove
20 Torino Dove From Bag
21 Two More Dove Productions
23 Another Use and Method For the Hand-Bag
23 Vanishing Tobacco Trick
24 Another Walk Off