Kalver, Bruce: Perfectly Practical
Magic Lessons From My Grandfather Samuel Woolf
©1996 Top Hat Productions
Softcover, manuscript, 8.5x11", 21 pages
Perfectly Practical
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Bruce Kalver: Perfectly Practical

Comments: Lecture notes, B&W photo illustrated


3 My Teacher: about Samuel Woolf
5 Magician's Rosette: a card flourish
7 A Nutty Ribbon Production: using a nut-can for a ribbon production
9 Whitechapel Magic Squares: a simple to remember magic square
11 Serial Killer: two person mind reading
15 Zombie's Don't Hurt: on improving the Zombie gimmick
17 Professor's Nightmare: an open and natural way to present the trick (full routine not provided)
19 Linking Rings: an unlink move to add to your routine
21 Bruce's Top 5 Tips