Stewart Judah: Subtle Problems You Will Do

Judah, Stewart and John Braun: Subtle Problems You Will Do
©1937 Abbott's Magic and Novelty Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 75 pages
Juday & Braun: Subtle Problems You Will Do
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Comments: Illustrations by Sid Lorraine

Contents (From book ToC, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 Foreword

3 Section I Card Problems
4 Fabricated Coincidence
5 The Name Spells The Card
6 Duo-Di Vitiation
7 The Tell-Tale Taps
8 The Astrological Card Trick
9 The Cards And The Dial
10 Another “Think Stop’' Card Trick
11 Judah Monte
12 The Conjuror Cuts The Cards
13 A Curious Coincidence With Cards And Pellets
14 The Judah Four Aces
15 The Color Changing Pack—An Idea
16 A Unique Mental Problem
17 The H. A. S. “Miracle’' Location
18 The S. L. Reversed Card

19 Section II Useful Card Sleights
20 The S. J. Color Change
21 The Flop-Over And A Variation
22. “Glisser-La-Carte” In Reverse

23 Section III About Card Fans
24 Side Lights On The Giant Fan
25 Spotting The Blank Fan

26 Section IV Miscellaneous Magic
27 The Color Cards Change Places
28 The Magician Reads The Ads
29 The Wand From The Purse
30 An “Opening” Combination
31 The Matches, The Silk, And Poof!
32 Puffed Rice, Cone, And Handkerchief
33 Misdirection Hat Load
34 The Spirit Knot Again
35 A Switch For Silks

36 Appendix
37 False Shuffles And Cuts