Judah, Stewart: The Magic World of Stewart Judah
©1966 Magic, Inc. Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 5.5x8.5", 96 pages
The Magic World of
              Stewart Judah
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Comments: Photos from the John Braun Collection


4 Introduction (John Braun)
7 S.J. Four Paper Balls
9 Penetrating Bill
10 Torn Bill Routine
12 Twin Knifty Knots Finale
13 Torn Paper Strip With a Bang
15 Badge for the Sheriff
17 Coin Routine for Children
19 Aero-Flight Coins
21 Poor Man's Run Rabbit Run
24 S J Mutus Dedit Trick
26 Cabalistic Card Trick
28 Spectator's Choice
29 Not Your Card
33 Ubiquitous Pairs
36 Riffle Shift
37 Slip Cut
37 Judah Force
40 S J Four Ace Routine
43 Ace Openers
50 S J One at a Time Ace Assembly
52 Push Off Count
53 Oil and Water
55 Color Mathematics
59 A Curious Coincidence
61 By the Power of Three
63 Double Revelation Clock Trick
66 Mind Reading with a Short Card
68 Spelling and Elimination
70 Two Heaps Location
72 Repeat Card to Pocket
74 Willie
76 Flying Bits of Paper
78 Knife and Papers
82 Cut Ribbon Restored
87 Pick Off Knot
90 Profile by Leslie Guest