Joseph, Eddie: Original Tricks
Suggested Routines by Percy Abbott
©1951 Abbott's Magic Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
Original Tricks
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Eddie Joseph: Original Tricks

Comments: Was originally delivered as a supplement to Abbott's Catalog #13


1 Mystic Recital: magician determines picture cards thought of
3 Everywhere Yet Nowhere: card trick with audience participation
4 The Boy and the Watch: borrowed watch vanishes and reappears in a slipper
6 The Damsel Escapes: escape from 20 foot rope
7 Evaporation: Items dropped into a handkerchief bag vanish
8 Perpetual Coins: coins appear on handkerchief lain on open hand
9 Seeing With the Imagination: Milk transposes between two hats with glasses
10 The Spirit Crochet: selected design becomes crocheted on a matching playing card
11 Amost a Miracle: using a borrowed deck and performed mostly by two spectators
12 The E. Jay Book Test: must be seated at a table
14 Personal Publicity: Mystic Square puts your contact info in spectator's hands
15 Liquid Milk: Milk from pitcher invisibly transfers to covered glass
16 Drunk or Sober? Three cards shown, one to pocket, one to deck, one to spectator's pocket, but spectator gets all three wrong and is found sitting on one

19 Suggested Routines (Percy Abbott): suggested tricks available at Abbott's Magic
19 No Skill Pocket Routine
19 Mental Acts for Club or Luncheon
19 Trick Decks No Skill
19 Luncheon No Skill
19 Luncheon Comedy
19 Luncheon
19 Assembly
19 Church Program
20 Evening School Program One Man
20 Intermission
20 Full Evening Show
20 Intermission