Joseph, Eddie: Intuitional Sight
©1938 Eddie Joseph, Calcutta, India
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 29 pages
Intuitional Sight
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Intuitional Sight
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Eddie Joseph: Intuitional Sight

Comments: A full Blindfold demonstration act. Multiple editions of this manuscript have been released, as seen above. Max Andrews published an edition in the U.K. (a "Vampire" Production). The larger format editions are around 18 pages.


2 Introduction

3 Part One What Is Intutional Sight?
3 The Blindfold and Its Accessories
5 The Construction of the Blindfold
5 - The Flour Paste
10 - The Cotton and the Surgical Bandage
12 - The Handkerchiefs

17 Part Two The Act
17 Setting
17 Lecture
18 First Test
19 Second Test
20 Third Test
21 Fourth Test
21 Fifth Test
21 Sixth Test
23 Seventh Test
23 Eighth Test
24 Ninth Test
24 tenth Test

25 Part Three The Inner Secret
25 The Undressing
26 Hints and Tips