Joseph, Eddie: Eddie's Dumbfounders With Cards
©1950 Abbott's Magic Novelty Company, Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 17 pages
Dumbfounders With
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Eddie Joseph: Eddie's Dumfounders With Cards

Comments: There is a newer combination book that includes Dumbfounders With Cards along with More Dumbfounders With Cards. Both are available as an e-Book.


1 Introduction (Eddie Joseph)
2 The "Tobba" Mystery: magician determines two card selections made by spectator
4 Who Knows the Card?: with two spectators
5 Incredulously True: discovery of two thought of cards
7 Two Secret Thoughts: another variation
9 Memory Phenomenal: magician appears to memorize the deck
10 Over the Wire: can be performed over the telephone
11 The Mystic Queen: five uses for a Short Card
13 One-Eye Joe: production of the Four Kings after they've been cut into the deck
15 The Expert Cuts: a quickie revelation
16 Can You See Your Card?: a follow up for the Peek