Joseph, Eddie: Come, Good Spirits
1948 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co, Michigan
Softcover, sadddle-stiched, 5x7.25", 47 pages
Come Good
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Comments: In this small booklet, Eddie Joseph relates how he used to think he was a real medium until he discovered that the seances were brought about by auto-suggestions. The book provides details on how anyone can hold a seance. My understanding of the Scriptures is that while most often these manifestations can be attributed to natural influences, in some cases actual demonic activity can also take place. I would recommend staying away from this type of practice.


5 Part One - Right Before Your Eyes: How Eddie came about the act
12 Part Two - Lifting the Veil: How auto-suggestion works
26 Part Three - The Act and How to Present It: fully detailed
43 Some Suitable Questions to Put to the Table