Joseph, Eddie: Joseph's Coat of Many Colors
1952, Abbott's Magic Mfg. Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 55 pages
Eddie Joseph Coat of Many Colors
Image courtesy eBay seller SickofChanging

Comments: (Ricardo Gustavo Difeo) Wonderful routines from the brilliant Eddie Joseph.


1 Introduction
2 Index
3 Presentation
4 My Card to Pocket
7 The Double Disappearance
9 Card Synonym
10 The Gambler and the Aces
12 The ACME Repeat Prediction
15 Secret Thought
18 Die Deviltry
20 Wishful Thinking
23 Dice and Newspaper
26 Pas, Present and Future
30 The Mido Telephone Book Test
32 The Egg and I
35 With a Borrowed Handkerchief
38 The Currency From Mars
42 The Hindu Turban Trick
44 The Wandering Rice from Patna
46 The Skull of Akooba
49 The Idol from Benares