Joseph, Eddie: Card Magic of the Mind
©1952 Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 5.5x8.5", 41 pages
Card Magic of the
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Eddie Joseph: Card Magic of the Mind


Contents (from book):

4 Introduction (Eddie Clever)
5 Fascination: spectator is put under Fascination and can't find his selection, but another spectator can
6 Clairvoyancy: magician determines two cards selected by two spectators
9 Jasonism: reprinted from The Sphinx
11 Astral Sense: uses principle of Jasonism
13 Photographic Mind: magician reads the thought of the spectator
16 Trident Telepathy: mental card effect using concepts of Circle, Square, Triangle, and Star
18 Triple Crown: three selections found using three paper pellets
21 Psychic Poker: imaginary game
25 Teresa's Twin: magician finds two selections by two spectators in unique ways
28 Etherealization: card selection revealed by a luminous spirit
30 Prevision: where the mentalist pre-sees what is to happen
33 Number Sense: magician determines how many cards in a cut packet
36 Introducing My Fake Envelope: can be left with the spectator to open
40 Miscellaneous For Sale: a classified ad test using the above envelope