Joseph, Eddie: Bombay
1974 Eddie Joseph, Abbott's Magic Novelty Co.
Softcover, stapled-manuscript, 11 pages
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Comments: Typed manuscript. Eddies' unique stack provides for a variety of card effects. Gordon Miller's addition provides "outs" for the four possibilities when the stack won't work. Available as an e-book from Abbott's Magic Company and Trickshop. (I'm not sure if Gordon Miller's addition is available in these editions). There have been quite a few reprints of this effect on the market.


1 Dear Reader: introduction
2 The Possibilities With Bombay
2 - Effect No. 1: spectator cuts and counts to a card in a Red deck, then spreads a Blue deck to find the duplicate reversed
2 - Effect No. 2: magician determines cards selected from one deck by two volunteers
2 - Effect No. 3: magician and spectator's reversed cards are the same color and value
3 - Effect No. 4: prediction shows two cards selected by a knife inserted into the deck
3 - Effect No. 5: cards reversed in a Blue deck and a Red deck match
3 - Effect No. 6: missing card turns out to be selection, with a repeat!
3 - Effect No. 7: cards choose the line on a magazine page, which is divined by the magician
3 The Principle Explained
5 Working Details: for the 7 effects
10 Final Words: how the principle can be used for additional tricks
11 Bombay Improvement (Gordon Miller): "outs" for the four possible ways the stack might not work