Joseph, Eddie: A Practical Lesson In Cups and Balls
©1936 Eddie Joseph, Calcutta, India
Published by Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., Colon MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 4 pages
A Practical Lesson in Cups and Balls
Abbott's edition
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A Practical Lesson
              on Cups & Balls
Supreme Magic Edition
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Eddie Joseph: A Practical Lesson in Cups and Balls

Comments: Mysteries of India Series No. 1. Later included in the larger volume, "Eddie Joseph on Cups and Balls" (1984)

Contents (from book):

1 Section One - The Cups
1 Section Two - The Balls
1 Section Three - The Palm
1 Section Four - The Secret Introduction: two methods
2 Section Five - Secret Extraction: showing nothing under the cup
2 Section Six - To Show Ball Under an Actual Empty Cup
2 Section Seven - To Simulate Action of Placing Ball Under Cup
2 Section Eight - Showing One Ball When Holding Two
2 Section Nine - The Jo-Jo Introduction
2 Section Ten - The Setting: preparation and set-up
3 Section Eleven - Execution
3 Section Twelve - 1st Finale
3 Section Thirteen - 2nd Finale
3 Section Fourteen - 3rd Finale
3 Section Fifteen - 4th Finale
4 Section Sixteen - Additional Moves
4 Section Seventeen - Suggestions
4 Conclusion