Joseph, Eddie: 12 Stunts With A Magic Mummy
©1960s (circa) Abbott's Magic Co, Colon, MI
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 4 pages

Also by Supreme Magic in the U.K.
12 Stunts With a Magic Mummy
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U.F. Grant: Eddie Joseph's 12 Stunts With a Magic Mummy

Comments: Manuscript to accompany the "Magic Mummy" effect. The Magic Mummy was a pocket trick. Only the magician could make the mummy stay in the tomb. For the spectator, the mummy would always hop out. Another version was "The Blonde in the Bathtub", and more recent version is Royal Magic's I.M. Bones skeleton and coffin. Manuscript is currently available from Abbott's as an ebook download, and is also included as part of the larger Abbott's publication, Bag O' Trix, editec by Gordon Miller, which is available as a paperback or as an ebook.


1 Description of the Magic Mummy: a commercial item
1 Color Allergy
1 An Aversion To Words
1 Marital Status Of Mr. & Mrs. Mummy
2 Mummy On Cigarettes
2 Mummy's Mother-In-Law
2 Influence Of The Casket
2 The Living And The Dead
3 Mummy Finds The Match
3 Levitation-Ring & Match Box
3 Unpredictable Mummy
3 Mummy Finds The Queen
3 Super Card Divination