Jonson, Wilfrid & Chesley V. Barnes (ed): Conjuring
©1950 W&G Foyle, Ltd.

Wilfrid Jonson's Magic Tricks
©1954 Dover Publications, NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 100 pages

Wilfrid Jonson's
              Magic Tricks
Dover-Foyle Handbook Edition
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Comments: Dover publications later combined "Conjuring" and "Card Conjuring" into a single volume, but did not include the "American Magic Album" section of photographs.

Contents (From the 1952 Dover-Foyle edition):

7 Preface

10 Part I Impromptu

10 The Coin Through The Hand
22 The Wandering Coins
15 Palming
18 The Surprising Tumbler
20 The Three Pellets
22 Patter
23 The Bewildering Coin
25 The Flying Farthing
26 The Coin and the Hat
28 The Knife and the Papers
31 The Jumping Rubber Band
32 The Animated Match-box
32 Down Your Sleeve
33 Magnetic Match

34 Part II Studied Mysteries

35 A Problem in Suspension
40 Paper Napkins
42 A Study in Black and White
44 The Counting Chalk
45 The Note and the Cigarette
49 The Note in the Egg
52 The Lighted Match from the Pocket
53 The Smoke Trick
55 The Ring on the Stick
57 The Patriotic Balls

58b An American Magic Album: B&W photo section with brief biographies, this section not numbered)
58c Adelaide Hermann
58c Houdini
58d Howard Thurston
58e Chin Sun Loo (Jean Hugard)
58f C.A. George Newmann
58g Harry Blackstone
58h Joseph Dunninger
58i Okito (Theodore Bamberg)
58j Al Flosso
58k Jack Gwynne
58l Walter Gibson
58m Sir Felix Korim
58n Harlan Tarbell
58o Dr. Jaks
58p Keith Clark
58q Litzka Raymond
58r George Jason
58s Milbourne Christopher
58t Jay Palmer
58u Dell O'Dell
58v Chop Chop (Arthur H. Wheatley)
58w Clint Reidel
58x Gerrie Larsen
58y J.B. Bobo
58z John Giordmaine

59 The Celebrity Trick
62 The Nest of Envelopes
63 Kling Klang
66 The Lost Ring
69 The Afghan Bands
71 The Mysterious Addition
73 The Slate Trick
76 The Invisible Scribe
78 The Billet Reading Trick
80 Automatic Writing
82 The Transposed Handkerchief
85 The Indestructible Handkerchief
86 The Cups and Balls

97 Bibliography
98 Representative Dealers In Magic
99 Index