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Jon, Finn: New Magic by Finn Jon
©1985 1st Ed, Georges Proust, Paris
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 36 pages
New Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller TheDenverBookCase

Comments: Bubble routines, floating multiplying balls, devil purse, esoteric pen, and more.


1 Bouncing Bubble
2 The Eternal Bubble
3 Using the Eternel Bubbles
4 Zombie Floating Bubble
6 A Voracious Bubble
7 The Dancing Bubble
10 Anti-Pollution
12 The Bubbles Producing Pipe
13 The Behavior of Soap Bubbles
15 Juggling With Bubbles
16 Automatic Bubbles
17 Miracle Bubbles
20 Multi-Bubble Cigar
22 The Wand Thread Holder
25 New Smoke From Mouth
29 Esoteric Pen
31 Floating Multiplying Balls
32 The Devil Purse
34 Chop Cup