Jones, Lloyd E.: The Dime and Penny
©1945, 1977 Lloyd E. Jones
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 19 pages
Dime and Penny
Photo from Magicref

Comments (contents courtesy Dietrich Keller, Illustrations by Robert Gunther.

Contents: (updated with descriptions and a few error corrections)

03 The Dime and Penny
03 How It is Done
04 Taking Care of the Coin

04 Tricks with the Dime and Penny
04 The Basic Vanish
05 Matter through Matter: dime passes through your hand
06 Matter through Spectator: thru spectator's hand
06 The Sixteen Cent Trick: Penny, Nickel, & Dime, dime vanishes
07 Forty-one Cent Trick: as above
07 A Quick Vanish: on table
07 The Eleven Cent Trick: borrowed penny with dime vanish
08 Fadeaway Coin: move
08 Fadeaway Followup: to the above
09 Penny-Tration: after-dinner trick
10 Glass-Go: dime penetrates a plate between two glasses
10 Thank You, Friend: dime vanish in matchbox

11 New Fields to Conquer
11 Data on Dates: date changes on a dime
12 Street on Misadventure (Doug Du Lac): Story trick
13 Black Market: using a red ration token (obviously a period trick)
13 Mint-Flavored: using a Nickel and Penny set
14 To Market To Market: dime vanishes to reveal a prize under a cone
14 I Don't Believe It: using loose fitting shell
15 Reverse English: using tight shell
15 Believe It or Not: with examinable penny at the end
15 Passe: coins change places in the hands
16 With a Hair: Introduction
16 - Harum-Scarum: penny is located under one of several cards
17 - The Teetotaler Coin: borrowed penny climbs out of beer glass
18 - The Traveling Coin: coin crawls along table top
18 - Allez-Oop: coin flips over on back of hand

19 A Final Word of Advice