Jones, Lewis: The Paragon Move
©1992 Hades Publications
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 54 pages
ISBN: 0-921298-03-X
The Paragon Move
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Comments: Is it possible? One card move that easily allows you to do a key, a force, a false cut, a steal, a switch, and an updated version of the Glide? One simple sleight when you need a locator, an angle-proof palm, a lapping device, an open prediction, a card to pocket effect, or even a book test? It sounds unlikely that all this could be achieved from one easy-to-do utility move; but it's true. It's called the PARAGON. You will master it in minutes. Like so many great ideas, this one has been hiding in plain sight. Now it is available to you in all its variations; simple, direct and ultra-practical! In addition to the move itself, the author also includes ten solid PARAGON-related effects guaranteed to wet your appetite!

I Foreword

9 Moves
9 The Paragon Move
13 The Paragon Key
14 The Paragon Cut
14 The Paragon Stroke
16 The Paragon Switch
17 The Paragon Force
20 The Paragon Steal

27 Effects
27 Touched
28 Flip Switch
30 Hunch
32 Matchmaker
35 4 Thought
38 Doppelganger
42 Naked Princess
45 Telegon
46 Word Perfect
50 Travelcard