Jones, Jan: The Magician's Assistant
©1982 Jan Jones, Magical Productions
Paper, 96 pages
The Magician's Assistant
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Comments: A rare look at the hard work of a magician's assistant


4 Publisher's Note

7 Part One The Basics (Jan Jones)
7 An Introductory Note to Magicians
9 The Assistant's Attitude
10 Appearance
13 Posture and Poise
14 Make-up and Hair
17 Care and Handling of a Magician's Props
19 Working with Kids
20 T.V. Magic
22 Other Tales to Tell
25 A Child of Magic (Stacy Jones)

29 Part Two - Advice From Today's Pros
29 Pam Thompson - Advice from an Old Soldier
31 Mike Caveney - A Sorcerer's Apprentice
35 Bill Smith - Ramblings from a Blackstone Roadie
39 Nita Kemp - The Magician's "Associate"
41 Brenda - Partnership vs. Proprietorship
45 Diana Zimmerman - The Inappropriateness Syndrome
49 Carol Roy (Mrs. Electric) - It's All in the Packing
53 Tina Lenert - Finding a Stage Personality

57 Part Three - A Look Back
57 Moi-Yo Miller Montes - Travels with Dante
63 Jane Thurston Shepard - Memories of the Thurston Assistants
69 Bill Chaudet - Assisting the Great Blackstone
73 Mabel Sperry Birch - Becoming a Birch Assistant
77 Frances Willard - Learning Under a Tent with Willard the Wizard
89 Bob Fenton - A Lifetime Backstage
89 Julie (Virgil and Julie) The Touring Illusion Show

94 Rules for the Carter Show Assistants
95 Rules for the Dante Show Assistants
96 The "Ultimate Assistant" by Paul Butler