Johnsson, Rick: Swindival Kit
©1973 Rick Johnsson
Paper, Stapled Manuscript, 11 pages
Swindival Kit
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Comments: Mimeographed lecture notes for an 8-12 minute impromptu routine. "A Baker's Half Dozen of Sneaky Impromptu Mysteries Stolen & Arranged by Rick Johnsson. Part 1 of 'You're Putting Me On'". My copy is barely readable as the mimeograph ink has faded. Effects in these notes are of the type typically found in most beginner's books.


1 Introduction
2 Contents
3 Houdini Penny: one penny escapes from group of 10 in spectator's hand
4 Christopher's Match Revisited:
4 - Phase I: set up
4 - Phase II: match vanishes from one hand and joins other
5 - Phase III: match vanishes from under one hand and joins other
6 - Phase IV: unburnt match vanishes and reappears in match-book
7 Ashes to Ashes: Blown ashes appear on spectator's palm
8 Match Mento: magician determines how many matches each spectator has
9 String Release: string releases from all fingers except for the one selected