Johnson, Roy: Silver Special
©1989 Goodliffe Publication, England
Hardcover, 92 Pages
Silver Special
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Comments: To celebrate his 25th Wedding Anniversary, Roy Johnson wrote this book and dedicated it to his "favorite" wife. The book was not published until 10 years later! A virtual treasure trove of baffling, practical and entertaining Roy Johnson material. Everything from close-up and cabaret to mind shattering mentalism...Whether you are a stage or close-up performer, there's so much to choose from in this fabulous book. Professional magic and mentalism that's not only baffling, but easy to do.


ii Foreword
7 Noughts and Crosses
12 Take Three
14 Double Oscar
18 D.D.D.
23 Lamination
25 Plasticated: A selected card is found sealed in plastic, minus its matching corner. For a startling finale, the torn corner joins the rest of the card, sealed in plastic!
29 Cornerized: variation
33 The Coin Game: the ultimate con in which Roy applies his special kind of magic to a gambling classic made famous by Ken Brooke
37 Cased: a diabolical transposition effect during which a card transposes twice with an Ace, despite being isolated within the card box
44 Chopper!
49 Double Time
52 Focus on Murder: the performer unerringly locates the victim, the murderer and the ghastly weapon
55 Murder
57 Twin Reverse
60 A Lesson in Tiemanship: a hilarious cut and restored tie routine
64 Version No. 2
66 The Murder Game
71 The £ Card Game
75 The Book Test
78 Identity Crisis
82 Instant Aces
85 The Crown Affair: Roy's improvements to Zoo Quest
90 Incredible Dreamer