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Johnson, George: A Few Jardine Ellis' Secrets
©1925 Geo. Johnson, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 4.2x5.2", 32 pages
George Johnson A Few Jardine Ellis Secrets
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Weinstein-Perez Books

Comments: Illustrated. From "The Magic Wand 'Shilling Series' No. 3"


3 Foreword
5 Thimble and Wine Glass: thimble penetrates handkerchief and ends up in an appearing wine glass
7 A Juggling Feat: knots appear in a rope
9 Advertisement: for The Magic Wand magazine
10 The Rod and Ring: The Jardine Ellis Ring
14 A Humorous Card Item: audience sees the selected card before the spectator
16 The Jardine Ellis Slate Mystery (Stanley Norton): slate trick using three un-gimmicked slates
22 An Experiment in Telepathy: designed for a single spectator.
25 Card Divination: uses a confederate
26 The Holder of the Egg: another use for a confederate
27 The Measured, Cut and Restored String: string is cut in the middle and restored
28 Coin Levitation: coin balances on its edge on the fingertips
31 The Magnetised Knife: knife sticks to the hand with the aid of an invisible gimmick
32 The Floating Wand: another approach to the above

33 Advertisements: to page 34