Johnson, George: Magic of the Ancients
©1949 George Johnson Magical Pub., London, England
Paper, 24 pages
Magic of the Ancients
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4 The Taliocotian Operation (J.H. Anderson)
4 Con and Paper Experiment (The Conjurer's Repository)
5 The Artificial Swan (The Gentleman's Magazine)
7 The Chameleon Spirit
7 The Card Hit Upon by Guess
7 To Make an Egg Mount Up of Itself (Recreations for Gentlemen and Ladies - Ozanam)
8 The Magical Nosegay (Brelaw's Last Legacy)
8 The Dancing Card (The Universal Conjurer)
9 The Chosen Card Revealed (Barnardo Eagel)
10 Cutting a Man's Head Off (The Whole Art of Legerdemain)
11 Catching the Woodcock (Hocus Pocus - Richard Neve)
12 Blowing a Sixpence out of the Hand (Hocus Pocus - Richard Neve)
13 Shuffling (Hocus Pocus - Richard Neve)
13 The Philliped Counter (Hocus Pocus - Richard Neve)
14 The Divining Rod (The Conjurer Unmasked - Denton)
16 Cups and Balls (Magical Recreations - J. Victor)
17 Thrusting a Dagger...(Hocus Pocus - H. Dean)
17 Combustion (Chemical Recreations - J. Griffin)
18 The Mineral Chameleon (Chemical Recreations - J. Griffin)
18 Baby Linen from an Egg
10 The Conveyance of Writing (The Whole Art of Legerdemain - Ingleby)
20 To Change a Card...(Physical Amusements - Pinetti)
21 To Ring From Hand to Hand (Physical Amusements - Pinetti)
22 A Water and Kettle Trick (The Whole Art of Legerdemain - Ingleby)
22 Broken and Restored Watch (The Whole Art of Legerdemain - Ingleby)
23 Walking on a Hot Iron Bar (The Whole Art of Legerdemain - Ingleby)
23 A Magic Picture (The Merrythough - M. Merriman)