Jensen, Jon: Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 2
©2000 Jon Jensen/Murphy's Magic
Illustrated by Jon Jensen
Paper, Comb-bound, 8.5x11", 48 pages
Professional Sponge Ball Tricks Volume 2
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Comments: Volume 2 of what was to be a three volume set. Volume 1 deals mainly with sleights, but includes a few routines, and Volume 3 was to be on routines with sponge rabbits, though to my knowledge it was never released.


4 Introduction: focus on complete, original, sponge ball routines
5 The Feed and Caring or Your Sponge Balls: storage, resuscitating, size, name
6 Silk to Sponge Ball: uses a TT
10 Sponge Ball to Silk: as above, and how to alter the TT
13 Impossible Flight (Jon Jensen): sponge ball is placed in spectator's hand. A second sponge ball is placed in a glass, which is covered with a handkerchief. The ball vanishes from the glass, and appears in the spectator's hand with the other sponge
17 Where Did All the Sponge Balls Come From? Begins as 'standard' one ball transfers from magician's hand to spectator's hand. Ends with many balls appearing in spectator's hand (essentially the sponge rabbits routine)
22 They Are Like Rabbits: a more streamlined version of the above.
25 Batteries Not Included: A glass is covered with a paper shell. A sponge ball is shown and placed in the hand, where it vanishes and reappears under the glass. This is repeated, with the spectator holding down the glass and the ball going in the pocket. Again the ball appears under the glass. The magician states the trick works on battery power, and the glass is lifted again to show a battery. Finally, the paper is crushed, and the glass has vanished, too!
30 The Benson Bowl Routine: A bowl and three sponge balls are shown. One sponge ball vanishes from the hand and appears under the bowl. The next two balls follow. Finally, all the balls vanish and when the bowl is lifted, a deck of cards is found.
34 Instantaneous Appearance (Gary Darwin): A sponge ball magically appears at the fingertips. Good intro to sponge ball trick.
37 Flash Appearance (Jon Jensen): similar to above, using flash paper for a surprise production
39 Delayed Retention Vanish (Gary Darwin): Ball is held between the index and middle finger as it is placed into the palm of the other hand
42 Multiplying Sponge Balls (Gary Darwin & Tom Ogden): no special balls required!
46 Flight of the Sponge Ball (Gary Darwin): A sponge ball is shown and placed on the closed fist of the other hand. The thumb of that hand tucks the ball into the fist. The ball vanishes from the fist, and appears in the other hand, which has been far apart.