Jensen, Jon: No Strings
The Art of Close Up Levitation

©2011 Jon Jensen
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 41 pages
No Strings - Art of
              Close Up Levitation
Image courtesy Roman Görz
Jon Jensen: Art of Close Up Levitation volume two, no strings

Comments: (Roman Görz). 12 Tricks to levitate small things.


5 Introduction
7 Suspended Straw (Gary Darwin): examinable straw levitates at one end
10 Lite Beer: an impromptu-looking beer-can suspension, but not really impromptu
12 Toilet Paper Suspension: paper is unrolled, hands are taken away, and roll suspends in the air
15 Floating Doll: floats in your hand
18 Impromptu Zombie: with a dinner roll
20 Impossible Deck Suspension: in-your-hands deck of cards levitation
23 Auto Suspension Floating Deck (Dan Harlan): a deck balancing act
25 Rising Dough: one of three dollar bills rises in your hand
28 Two Sweet Levitations
28 - Suspended Twinkies: a Twinke cake is pushed out of the package, where it doesn't fall
31 - Floating Cup Cake
33 The $1.35 Levitation (Steve Fearson, Phil Kannen): a full person levitation
36 The Balducci Levitation: an impromptu full person levitation
39 The Asrah Cup: a paper cup levitates from your hand and then vanishes