Jeffreys, Michael: Selling With Magic
©1989 1st Edition, Michael Jeffreys
Illustrated by Joyce Norton, Edited by Joy Wunderman, Typeset by Judy Reese
Paper, 200 pages
ISBN 1-878407-00-7
Selling With Magic
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Comments (Zigby7): "With Today's Competition In The Sales And Business World Becoming Increasingly Competitive, Any Tool You Can Use To Make Yourself "Stand Out And Be Remembered" Should Be Utilized To Its Fullest. MAGIC is a powerful tool that can turn a normal, ho-hum presentation into n impressive, dynamic, exciting sales pitch that leads to a signature on the bottom line." I used magic in my business for the last 45 years and it set me miles above my competition. It opened doors that wouldn't have opened otherwise. This book gives you 30 complete routines that are easy to put together and perform. All you have to do is tailor your presentation to your product or service. Michael also gives you ideas and tips that are valuable pieces of advice.


8 Introduction

12 Part 1 The Psychology of Selling With Magic

30 Part II Trick Format Description

31 Part III Icebreakers and Cold Calling Tricks
32 The Appearing Business Card
37 The Vanishing Pen
43 The Vanishing Cigarette
46 Lit Match From Pocket
49 The Appearing Flower
54 The Vanishing Coin

58 Part IV Sales Meeting Tricks
59 The $100.00 Sign
63 Torn and Restored $100.00 Bill
75 Changing Ones Into Fives
82 Breakthrough!
82 How to Make Those Little Sales Problems Disappear!
87 How to Turn Problems into Solutions
92 The Vanishing Red Scarf in Dollar Bill

97 Part V Networking Tricks
98 The Flash Appearing Business Card
103 What Color Is Your Business Card?
108 The Cheap Rubber Band
113 The Mysterious Match
118 The Vanishing Salt Shaker
122 X Marks the Spot
126 The Lie Detector Card Trick
129 The Rapport Card Trick
135 The Stuck-Up Business Card

140 Part VI TradeShow and Product Tie-In Tricks
141 The 3 Magic Ropes
152 The Croker Bank Brochures Trick
160 The Prepco Dart Board Routine
167 The Prepco Floating Crouton Routine
173 The 5 Card Product Prediction
177 Its In the Bag Product Prediction
181 The James River Trade Show Routine
184 A Utility Production Box

192 Part VII 10 Do's & Don'ts and a Bizarre Story

195 Recommended Reading
200 The End!