Jay, Joshua: Troy Hooser's The Silver Surf, Volume II: The Flipper Coin
2000 Joshua Jay
Softcover, Stapled, 8.5x11", 29 pages
              Hooser's The Silfer Surf II
Image courtesy IBM Ring 316

(Contents courtesy of IBM Ring 316 http://www.conjurerscourt.net; Comments from JoshuaJay.com):  This is the most comprehensive work on the flipper coin in print. Troy Hooser is most famous for his groundbreaking work with gaffed coins, specifically the flipper coin (and the use of a flipper coin in conjunction with a shell). He is clearly the authority on this gaff. While some of his experimentation is recorded in his book, DesTROYers, this set of notes gives the topic more depth than provided anywhere else and includes routines not published anywhere else. It details several routines as well as basic moves and handling of this unique gaff.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 InTROYduction
2 The Flipper Coin
3 The Flip Display
4 Flipping Out
5 Touched Twice
6 Flippurse
7 Three Fly Experimentation
8 First Method
9 Second Method
10 Underhanded Coins Across
11 Coins to Glass
12 Flipper Coin Experimentation
13 Hands Off
14 Midair Vanish