Jay, Joshua: Troy Hooser's The Silver Surf Volume One
©1998, 2000 Troy Hooser and Joshua Jay
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 28 pages
Troy Hooser's The
              Silver Surf Vol One
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Comments: Most of these effects can be found in Troy's "DesTROYers" book, except for Troy-velers.


4 InTROYduction
6 A Charming Chinese Challenge: Three Chinese coins visually penetrate a length of ribbion; uses just 4 Chinese Coins and a ribbon.
10 - Visual Link #1 Mid Air Link
11 - Visual Link #1 Throw Penetration
13 ExTROYdinary: three coins materialize from the body, then dissolve at the fingertips, and then return again. Uses two halves and a shell
13 - The Production
15 - The Vanish
16 - The Reproduction
18 - Alternate Handlings: two provided
21 Coin Melange: a collection of vanishes and productions, using 4 coins and some Blue Tack
25 Troy-velers: Four cards are lost and are found in jacket pockets, card case, and a wallet