Jay, Joshua: Five Forty Seven - A Companion Volume to Session - The Magic of Joel Givens
©2007 Joshua Jay Productions
Photographed by: Stephen Heinzelmann
Softcover, 65 Pages
ISBN 1-931482-06-3

Comments (Andrew Loh): This book was developed as a supplement to Session, the Magic of Joel Givens, primarily because these effects just didn't fit the theme.


11 Introduction: by Joshua Jay
12 A Prologue to Session: influences of The Expositor and Kort
13 On the Penetrating Match
23 On Vernon Dribble Force
26 Mechanical Force
30 Flipper in Chinese
36 Cellophane
39 Personalized Pasteboards
41 Scarne Solution
47 Circular Prophecy
52 Shrink and Drink