Jaxon, Ron: Bar Tab
©2006 1st Edition
23 Pages
Available as an e-book from Lybrary.com or Magicjax.com


Comments (Lybrary.com): If you enjoy performing for people in bars, restaurants or at parties then Bar TAB (or Bar Tricks And Bits) might interest you. It's a small collection of tricks, sight gags and other bits of business Ron had much success with in his bar, restaurant and party work. It doesn't matter if you're a working pro or just like to go out on the town with your friends and entertain people. The Tricks And Bits in this PDF download are real world material that I'm sure you'll actually use. Although Ron goes into great detail in explaining these tricks and bits or business, you won't find many sleight of hand moves in Bar TAB. It's more focused on presentation and making your act more entertaining in these venues by providing you with some real world material.

Contents (note: numbers are not page numbers):

1 Card in Beer Bottle (Can use other bottles): Three methods, two using a signed selection
2 Finger and Arm Tricks: made popular by Meir Yedid. Includes The Arm Puzzle, Thumb Off, and The invisible chair (sit on a chair made of air)
3 Color Changing Napkin Rose: Approach for Michael Mode's white napkin to colored rose (http://www.napkinrose.com/)
4 Table Signs: Making use of objects commonly found in a bar or at a party.
5 Bic Sticker: paddle trick using Bic brand lighters
6 Modern Camera Card: clever use for a digital camera