Ireland, L.L.: Ireland's Yearbok 1962
©1962 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago
Paper, 8.5x11", 80 pages
Ireland's Yearbook 1962
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Gran-Houdini

Comments: The complete file of Ireland's Yearbooks consists of 31 yearbooks starting in 1934 and ending in the final issue 1969-70. The Yearbook was not issued in 1939 nor in 1941 (from Genii's MagicPedia)


2 The World's Unique Bartender, a profile
4 Thimbles Unanimous, our Book Within a Book
19 Visible 20th Century Silks
20 Bouquet Production
20 Silk 'N Cups
22 Twin Pipe Trick
23 Poor Man's Roll On Table
28 Thoughts on the Ranch Bird
29 New Thoughts on Your Shelved Magic
36 On Misdirection
38 Two Ideas
39 Kid Trick With a Rope
39 Gung Ho Box Routine
40 Impromptu Atomic Routine
41 A Knot Routine
43 The Magic Helper
43 Written In Blood
44 Loads of Fun
46 Cat's Eyes
47 Hocus Pocus With a Chop Cup
50 Every Magician Has One!
59 Comedy Ending for Sawing THru
59 A Smart Opening
61 You, Too, Can Tie a Turban!
63 Card Man's Corner
64 Technicolor Prediction
68 Three by Jack Avis
70 Red and Black
71 Double Choice
72 Our Album