Ireland, Laurie & Ed Marlo: Bull's Eye Coin Tricks
1942 Ireland Magic Company
1958 Reprinted; 1977 Second Printing
Softcover, saddle-stitched, Paper, 31 pages
Bull's Eye Coin
Image courtesy Magic, Inc.

Comments: From the intro: "First published in the summer of 1942 and the first edition may be identified by the cover - purple ink on green cover stock. About two years later the book was again printed from the original plates tbut this time the cover was in red ink on grey cover stock. These two printings were illustrated by photographs, made by Ralph Cote. The original photographs were lost and the print-plates were destroyed. For clarity of reproduction new line drawing ware made for this edition by Dr. Eugene Gloye."

Contents: (updated with Ireland section, which was missing)

3 Tricks by Ed Marlo
3 New Back Palm Vanish and Production: superior method
5 Marlo's Front and Back Palm: Marlo original
6 Passe Passe Coins: four coins pass from one hand to another
7 Two Halves and a Dime: Dime is borrowed, half is produced, then another, then dime vanishes and is reproduced
9 Money From Magic: while trying to vanish a dime, it turns into a penny
11 Marlo's Poor Man's Trick: borrowed penny into glass, twice
12 Penetration and Audible Arrival: coins and handkerchief penetration
15 Single Coin Routine: with productions, vanishes, penetrations
15 - Thumb Palm Pass
16 - French Drop
16 - Thumb Clip
16 - Pick Up
19 Two Ideas: sleeving with the coin staying in the sleeve; ditching a coin in a suit

20 Tricks by L.L. Ireland
20 The Imaginary Half Dollar: imaginary half turns real
22 The Toss Up Vanish: coin move
23 A Close-Up Trick for a Bar: a coin change
24 In and Out of the Fist: coin vanish and reappearance in the fist
26 Follow-Up for the Above: "make your pennies go a long way"
27 The Human Slot Machine (Paul Studham): comedy bit in buying a drink
28 Production of Coins from the Mouth
28 Patter for the Miser's Dream
29 A Coin Pass: excellent for use with a dollar size coin
29 The Thumb Crotch Palm: pick up of several coins
30 The Five Coin Pass
31 Through the Palm
31 Why Use Real Money When Palming Coins Are So Cheap?