Ireland, Laurie: ESP Handbook and Workshop Kit
©1960 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
ESP Handbook
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Comments: With contributions from Bert Allerton, Tony Corinda, U.F. Grant, Arthur Hastings, Edward Marlo, and Joseph White

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Study of ESP (Arthur Hastings)
2 Little Miracles (U.F. Grant)
3 The Two Card Trick (Bert Allerton)
4 The Third Choice (Corinda)
5 That's the One (Joe White)
6 Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Joe White)
7 Blank Card Prediction (Ed Marlo)
8 Mental Reselection (Ed Marlo)
9 Under Cover Mentalism (Ed Marlo)
10 Behind, Under or Above (Ed Marlo)
11 Card Man's Mentalism (Ed Marlo)
12 One Out of Five (Arthur Hastings)
13 ESP Trio (Arthur Hastings)