Ireland, Laurie L.: Ireland's Original Cup and Ball Routines
©1937, 1961 Ireland Magic Company
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 36 pages
Ireland's Cups and
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Comments: This booklet contains three of Ireland's Cups & Balls routines. A chronology of Ireland's Cup and Ball routines: The first Ireland Cup and Ball routine was published in 1931 in Ireland Writes a Book. The second in Ireland's 1934 Year Book. The third was the 2nd part of Ireland's manipulative series (Lessons in Dishonesty, Cups and Balls Routine, and Linking Ring Routine) in 1937.


2 Introduction

3 The First Ireland Cup and Ball Routine: as originally printed in "Ireland Writes a Book". Uses three small metal cups or dime store glasses, two cork balls, and final loads of potatoes or gold or billiard balls
3 Pass
4 The Palm
4 The Routine

7 Second Ireland Cup and Ball Routine: as originally printed in the first yearbook.
8 Finger Palm
8 Finger Palm Curled In
8 To Pass a Ball
8 To Pass a Ball to Left Hand
8 To Pass a Ball Under a Cup
10 The Crotch Palm
10 To Raise a Cup That is Really Empty and Show a Ball Under It
11 To Raise a Cupt With a Ball Under it Without Exposing the Ball
11 To Change a Small Ball to a Large One
11 New Surprises with Loads
12 Servante for Cups and Balls
14 Dear Reader: Final note from Laurie Ireland, 1937

15 Ireland's Cups and Balls: with the Jumbo Sponge Balls and the Double Load Climax!
15 Props
15 Preliminary Preparation
16 Explanation of Sleights and Moves
16 Pass
16 Move No. 3
17 Move No. 5
17 Move No. 7
17 Move No. 12
21 Pass No. 29
21 Move No. 37
22 False Pass No. 39
22 Move No. 44
23 Pass No. 50
23 Pass No. 59
24 The Routine
25 Preliminary Effect
25 Method: through page 35
36 About the Author