Hurst, Andy & Ryan Matney: The Foo Can...In Print
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e-Book, 86 pages
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The Foo Can In Print

Comments: The Foo Can was an e-magazine for magicians published 2001-2002 and the complete Volume 1 (four issues) is available as a single download. Some of the editorials and parodies use foul language, but there isn't anything highly offensive. Effects are mostly card magic. It was advertised as "The Fun but serious, sane but crazy magazine for magicians who like being on the edge".


3 Volume One Issue One November 2001
3 Oh No! Not another Magic Journal! Editorial
4 Foocan These Are Not Real Small Ads: Parody on MagicTalk, Media-T, TheSecondDeal, Mr. Gadfly, and some others
5 Contents
5 Oh My God by Jay Sankey Review (Ryan Matney): favorable video review
6 The Foocan Toucan Says: sarcastic article on "new" magic
7 Back-to-Back Belly-to-Belly (Duffie/Robertson): card effect with a simple set up
8 Magician Calls Home (Stan Helford): Card revelation Uses a phone answering service, but could be adopted for more modern services
9 Top Magical Secrets Exposure Shocker: comedy/parody
9 The Jon Tremain Videos Review (Andy Hurst): not favorable
10 Simon Lovell Live: The Lemming Unleashed Review (Ryan Matney): Mostly favorable
10 Simon Lovell Live: The Lemming Unleashed Review (Andy Hurst): Favorable
11 Sucker Spellbound (Dr. Henry Krinkle): Coin lead-in to Presto Chango (uses C/S gaff)
12 BFF A Psychological Card Vanish (Eric Lydon): based on Paul Harris' Vanishing Deck (Paul's method is not explained here, just the extra tip)
13 The Space Force (Martin Lewis): an interesting cut force
14 May the Force Be With You: Ideas for the Space Force
14 Two Handed Space Force (Robin Robertson): idea
14 A Four Ace Production (Duffie/Robertson): per title
14 Space is a Lonely Place (Ryan Matney): a sandwich effect with the Kings and the Space Force
15 Space is STILL a Lonely Place (Robin Robertson): variation
15 Spacemen Unite (Duffie/Robertson): makes use of the automatic turnover of the deck
16 Half Stoned: parody of Half-Baked publication
18 Ad: for Foo Can magazine, not for the faint of heart

19 The Foo Can Volume One Issue Two February 2002
19 Editorial: Once Again
20 Foocan These Are Not Real Small Ads: Parody
21 Contents
22 The Phantom Limb (Robin Robertson): A Bizarre card trick with no sleights
23 Aces Up for Magicians (George McBride): handling of Searles' Aces Up routine
24 Lusthaus Card System Review: negative
24 Comic: from Jay Sankey
24 Mental Celler (Darian O'Quinn): Wrong card prediction comes out right
25 Comic: Animal Balloons
25 Crazy 8 by Dan Harlan Review: torn and restored, positive review
26 Pieces on Earth (Roy Walton): Two tricks based on the Space Force from the previous issue
27 A Misleading Situation (Luke Dancy): a pencil is sharpened in the hand - a new use for your Misled gimmick
28 The Foocan Toucan Says: talk about Ammar's Easy to Master Thread Miracles video release
29 Lite Brite (Ryan Swigert): Predicting when the light bulb burns out
30 Top Ten Videos We Hope We Don't See in 2002: comedy
30 Five for Scotland & the US (Duffie/Robertson): Multi-phase card routine
32 It's Floating ...Honest!: A look at three levitating card effects
32 Ben Harris' Flight Case: good value, but some flaws
32 Steve Fearson's Easy Float: not angle proof
33 Mark Mason's Float: needing two fingers on top, it doesn't look magical
34 Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond Review: a great read
35 The Dead Zone (Andy Hurst): divining a borrowed bill serial number
37 Laurent Beretta / Yves Doumergue Lecture Notes 2001 CD Review (Any Hurst): So So review, poor production quality
38 Been There Done That (Scott Link): comedy bit about tough magic gigs
39 Bonus Routine Idea: Idea for Dead Zone and Misleading Situtation routines in this issue
39 Last Minute News Items: Kaufman's baby, Paul Daniels news, Chop Sued-y
39 Are These Really Lost Pages from Stewart James Notebooks? Comedy bit
43 Official Apology and Advance Non-Apology: for previous articles

45 The Foo Can Volume One Issue Three
45 Editorial: Late but not dead, magic morality
46 New From Jay Spanky!: comedy spoof, a bit rude
47 Contents
48 Manipulation (Steve Vaughn): overdoing flourishes
49 King Rising by Cory King Review: Well worth the $17
49 Challenge Sandwich (Jamie Badman): card sandwich effect
50 Space Marriages (Robin Robertson, Ryan Matney): Space Force used in a Royal Marriage card routine
51 Sol Stone's Quick and Casual Close Up Review (Ryan Matney): Coin magic, 3-Ball routine, ring on pen, sponge ball routine. Positive review.
53 One Down and Four to Go (Andy Hurst): A story themed card routine
54 Exposed! How to Make a Card Float! Parody
55 The Thing In the Mailbox: Reviews of Jay Sankey's Inside Job and Lubor Fiedlor's Instant Restoration (negative)
56 Kosky Transpo Sandwich (Duffie/Robertson): card transpo between two sandwiches
57 The Foocan Toucan Says: on the new breed of 'situational magic'
58 Top 10 Signs You Spend Too Much Time With Playing Cards: comedy bit
58 The Gremlin Pass (Ryan Matney): A Clink pass variation for coins
59 Jim Steinmeyer's Impuzzibilities Review (Ryan Matney): a welcome surprise, includes a variation of the Three Card Monte
59 The Very Best of Jay Sankey DVD Review (Andy Hurst): One of the best value sets L&L put out for a while
60 Doctor Daley Meets Doctor James (Matt Sedlak): variation of Last Trick of Doctor Jacob Daley from Dai Vernon Book of Magic
62 So What Is All This Sadowitz Stuff About? Explanation of the various "credits" scattered through this issue
63 CliffNotes for Magicians! Comedy
64 This Page Has Been Left Blank For Your Own Notes

65 The Foo Can Volume One Issue Four
65 Editorial: End of Volume One
66 Foocan These Are not Real Ads: parody
67 Contents
68 Wild Disparity (Ryan Matney): Odd discovery of two cards
69 Harvey Rosenthal on The Hotel Trick: card handling of the "Tramps and Sheep"
71 Worst Magic Buys of Last Year: Selection of some disappointments in 2002
72 SpellSwitch (William Pratt): Card Spelling effect with a surprise transposition
73 One Eyed Jacks are Better Than Two (Scott Robinson): A furthering of Harry Lorayne's One Eyed Jack Sandwich
74 Black Jack's Blackjacks (Marty Kame): A Gambling effect
75 The Spear Switch (Andy Hurst): Card thrust into the deck turns into the selection
77 Family Motto (Dan Harlan): Family motto sign turns into divination of selection
79 Jelly Says: Parody editorial
79 The Foo Can Reviews Three New Releases From Gordon Bean: The Limited Edition (positive); Temptation (three card Monte style) (positive); Joker Joker (least of the three but even this is pretty good)
81 Topic Closed (The Tricky Dicky Column): parody
81 Interlaced Ace-King Transpo (Duffie/Robertson): Card effect inspired by Paul Harris' Interlaced Vanish
82 Ad: Peter Duffie & Robin Robertson's Card Conspiracy Vol 1
82 The Foo Can Toucan Says: On Gaetan Bloom's Invisible Watch
83 Gaytun Doom's The Invisible Diary: parody
83 Caption Competition: contest
84 The SC Switch: an improved write up of this card switch